Covid-19, advice for businesses

Update: 20/04/2020 – I’ve added some additional guidance put together by the FSA below.

At the moment it seems like the world and his wife are publishing advice on how businesses can operate safely. Everywhere I look on social media (particularly LinkedIn), people appear to have guidance for businesses on how to ensure they are operating safely. I had temptations of doing something similar myself. I could easily come up with some advice that would be of use to businesses. However I then thought, would I really add anything to the gazillion other similar posts that are out there for businesses? The answer to that is no. Most people out there offering guidance at the minute are simply re-writing Government guidance, not really adding anything extra to it. Not only that, but I would need to ensure that the advice I publish is kept up-to-date in line with any changes in the Government guidance, and given that this is a pretty rapidly changing event guidance could change at any time. That’s a bigger commitment than I would like to make.

Given this, I figured it would be far better and more useful to point to authoritative sources of guidance. That way you can read the information first hand and you can be certain the information you are reading is 100% up-to-date.

Public Health England are pretty much the central body for all things Covid-19 at present. Their website and guidance is located here.

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has published some useful guidance for food businesses. This information is located here.

The Health & Safety Executive has guidance that would be relevant to most employers. This covers a range of subjects – from face fit testing of PPE through to first aid coverage during the pandemic. This guidance can be found here.

The Food Standards Agency has developed guidance that is relevant to food businesses. This guidance is focused on the bulk freezing of food that may be relevant to businesses looking to minimise food waste at this time. This information can be located here.

Feature photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

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