Bleach Dilution Calculator

Diluting bleach to disinfect?

Public Health England’s latest guidance details that a diluted bleach solution can be used to control infection of Covid-19. It recommends that a solution should be used that has 1000 parts per million (PPM) of available chlorine. Most of us aren’t chemists, therefore this calculator has been designed to easily identify how much bleach needs to be diluted to achieve 1000 PPM available chlorine. 

You will need to know is the amount of Sodium Hypochlorite within the bleach you are using. This will be listed on the bottle – this is typically expressed as number of grams of Sodium Hypochlorite per 100 grams. For example in the bleach bottle I checked it had 4.5 grams of Sodium Hypochlorite per 100 grams. You will also need to know how much water you want to use to dilute the bleach. It is important to note that once mixed the solution will begin to lose its effectiveness, so don’t mix too much in advance.

To use the calculator simply fill in the first to boxes, the final box will automatically calculate the amount of bleach required.


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